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Talks about #AI, #UX, #React, #deeplearning, and #agile.

Bruno Kaapa
Director, Creative Services

Executive Team

Company Leadership

James | Ben | Nick

The Team

Combining decades of experience in design, editorial, software development, and digital strategy, Outlook Creative Services complements the phenomenal work of its publishing talent with a meticulously curated group of professionals who understand not just the technical elements of web design and development, but also the use of agile and iterative methodologies to deliver innovative solutions, helping clients meet the complex needs of today's rapidly-evolving technological landscape.

Our voice

Talks about #ditigalcopywriting, #businesswriting, #narrativestrategy, #sustainability, and #womeninbusiness.

Phoebe Harper
Editorial Director

All things digital strategy

Talks about #seo, #businessprofiles, #businessinnovation, #ditigalmarketing, and #growthstrategy.

Fox Tucker
Digital Marketing Director

Creativity and inspiration

Talks about both UI and UX #design, #interactiondesign, #productdesign, #usertesting, #prototyping, and #designthinking.

Steve Giles
Design Director


We love telling your story. That's our business and that's what we pride ourselves on above all else. With an award-winning team of talented writers, our editorial production process is the key to our sustained success within the industry for the last decade, as well as our massive growth over the last few years. We're especially good at business and corporate copywriting, with many thousands of editorials produced to date.

Talks about #ditigalcopywriting, #businesswriting, #editorial, #digitalmagazines, and #digitalpublishing.

Marcus Kaapa
Senior Editor

Talks about #copywriting, #businessprofiles, and #interviews.

Jack Salter

Talks about #editorialcopywriting, #productcopywriting, #interviewing, and #businesswriting.

Lucy Pilgrim

Talks about #film, #music, #sport, #industrynews, and #digitalmagazines.

Ed Budds
Junior Editor

#editorialwriting, #digitalmagazines, #digitalpublishing, and #narrativedesign.

Rachel Carr
Junior Editor


Bespoke design from a professional production team that's worked for some of the biggest companies in the world. Our team creates innovative and visually stunning solutions that effectively communicate our clients' brand and message, while working closely with them to understand their unique needs and preferences.

Talks about #design, #creative, #production, and #digitalmagazine.

Devon Collins
Senior Designer

Talks about #design, #creative, #advertdesigner, #juniordesigner, and #digitalmagazine.

Louisa Martin
Junior Designer

Talks about #design, #lgbtqia, and #graphicdesign.

Sophs Forte
Graphic Designer

Talks about #design, #magazineproduction, #editorialproduction, #advertdesign, and #digitalmagazine.

Megan Cooke
Production Assistant


Our digital team works with clients to develop effective online strategies and help them stay competitive in the fast-paced digital world, with a proven track record of architecting digital strategies for diverse clients, leveraging the latest technologies and trends to achieve success. Collaborating closely with clients to understand their unique needs, our team uses their expertise in digital marketing to reach and engage clients' target audiences in meaningful ways.

Talks about #socialmedia, #b2bmarketing, #digitalmarketing, and #linkedinmarketing.

Bria Clarke
Social Media Executive

Talks about #seo, #wordpress, #b2bmarketing, #websiteediting, and #digitalmarketing.

Ollie Shrouder
Web Editor

Inchcape Shipping Services

“Having worked with Outlook Publishing on two separate editorials for my company, I have found the entire process to be very smooth and professional. The editor understood our business and the production team created an appealing layout. I would highly recommend Outlook publishing for your next editorial. Thank you.”

David Barker, Global Marketing Manager

Central Iowa Power Cooperative, CIPCO

“Thank you and your entire team for producing a very professional story. Everyone was very diligent throughout the entire process.”

Bill Cherrier, CEO

St Louis Petroleum

“We have received the publication and we appreciate it so much. We believe strongly this this will uplift our company to another level. We hope to have a lasting relationship with your company.”

Nana Kwame Nkansah II, CEO


“It has been a pleasure working with the team at Outlook Publishing and I, on behalf of Ontic Engineering and Manufacturing, am extremely pleased with the articles and have received many positive responses from audiences around the world.”

Adam Pickford, Sales Director


“North America Outlook provided comprehensive coverage of our health system and the challenges and triumphs we’ve navigated this past year. Their staff was collaborative, efficient and provided high quality production. It was an enjoyable process that generated a profile that helped readers understand who we are and how we are tackling today’s healthcare challenges.”

Kevin A. Snyder, VP Marketing & Comms