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Complete digital and branding solutions for one of the fastest-growing companies in West Africa. In actioning a remarkable modernisation, GPC now has one of the most competitive brands and digital positions in its sector.


UI & UX Design
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Media Production
Launch Deployment

Branding, Brand Strategy
Corporate Comms
Visual Identity

GPC featured in our Africa Outlook magazine, in a brilliant editorial outlining the company's continued growth within the mining, construction, and logistics sectors in Guinea. With a track record of excellence, and consistent execution at the highest level of the industry (boasting, among other impressive achievements, a perfect safety record), we were delighted to work with GPC again on their future-facing vision for the company. This would entail a multilevel digital, visual, physical, and experiential marketing campaign with the prime deliverable being a total brand transformation.

Our team was well-integrated with GPC and its staff thanks to our previous work together. In order to catalyse an enormous rebranding, we deconstructed the moving parts and assessed the project with a Kanban board dedicated to each core deliverable: website, branding, physical marketing, communications, and overarching growth strategy relative to the market. This allowed a clear visualisation of each process for both our myriad teams and the GPC executive management. We incorporated key content narrative decisions and experiential inference through meetings with company stakeholders, ranging from decision makers to staff in the field.

Dynamic, user-centric content

Stunning. Modern. Honest.

Easy to parse data, delivering the ultimate message that GPC is executing at the highest professional level across multiple crucial sectors in the Guinean and West African region.


Dedicated project case studies

Dedicated project pages

See the phenomenal work GPC is completing in the mining and construction industries, with detailed breakdowns of some enduring, large-scale, long-term projects.


Growing sustainably

Moving forward, together.

Sustainability is a factor in every decision GPC makes. The wellbeing of its people and stakeholders, ensuring the positive development of local communities, and reducing emissions... there has never been such a pivotal time for the mining, construction, and logistics industries in Guinea to make a statement. GPC is leading that mission.


Beauty in simplicity

Innovative statements

We implemented cutting-edge generative AI art and 3D design elements to give life to the activity behind GPC. With a consistent brand alignment towards excellence and modernity, the addition of bespoke art and models creates an impact statement mirroring GPC's real-world influence.



The GPC design was underscored by simplicity, quality, and clean execution, tenets ascribed to by the company in their activity and across their diverse project portfolio. We wanted to deploy an interface that represented the perfect combination of modernity and true pioneering African spirit, with a combination of vibrancy and subtlety in the requisite areas.



Our approach centred around Kanban, with tasks organised into continuous flows, complemented by periodic reviews. This strategy cultivated an adaptable and vibrant development atmosphere, seamlessly integrating evolving needs and design adjustments. It emphasised teamwork, ongoing feedback, and clear communication both internally and with GPC, significantly boosting project efficiency from start to finish.



After delivering the platform and the broader brand alignment, mutual desire for further content production has led to a sustained partnership underscored by a comprehensive, long-term marketing strategy. We envisage GPC becoming a significant regional player in the West African mining, construction, and logistics industries over the next decade.