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Redefining the digital platform for a global earthmoving contractor active in the mining and construction sectors.

Moving Earth towards a brighter future.

UI & UX Design
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Video Production

Brand Strategy
Corporate Comms
Visual Identity

Having worked with EPSA on an editorial in Mining Outlook magazine, we saw remarkable potential for further cooperation in updating their website, displaying the quality and scale of their global operations. Working closely alongside their management, we decided to go with a design that reflected the values of the company: responsibility, pride, and common sense.

We worked iteratively, collaborating in agile and reactive fashion and always staying true to EPSA's vision. Our flexibility and speed meant we could continue to develop on the design principles underpinning the overarching UI while adapting to new requirements that came from user testing over the course of the build.

Working with local communities

EPSA's core services

Careers-specific CTA

Reducing environmental impact



We worked closely and collaboratively with EPSA's marketing and executive management team to architect a UI and UX that was true to the company's branding while being sector-familiar and compliant with contemporary accessibility standards. The result was a beautiful product framework and design system that serves for future marketing and branding purposes.



Predominantly agile methodology, having sprint periods with concurrent segmentation for revisions. This created a dynamic ecosystem for development that was flexible with evolving requirements and design inference, allowing us to adapt to, and action, changes efficiently over the course of the build. This enabled synchronised work, feedback, and openness of critical communication channels.



A continued relationship involving managed service and long-term marketing strategy that looks to digitally position EPSA extremely competitively within the sectors they are active.